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Japanese paper flowers


An exciting volume to create many different flower models with the kirigami technique, from kiru ("cut") and kami ("paper"): while origami does not involve the use of scissors, cutters and glue, kirigami does He also uses these tools, as well as traditional folding techniques, to create colorful three-dimensional creations that seem to have a life of their own. This liveliness, together with their pure and rigorous lines, makes the subjects recreated with this technique extraordinarily elegant and fascinating. The book offers 43 flowers to carve with paper, which include models suitable for beginners and others for more expert hands. In these precious works by a famous author you can feel the breath of nature and perceive all the delicacy and elegance of Japan.

Reasons of interest:

  • A volume on the art of kirigami, to "browse" nature between the pages of a book
  • 43 different flowers to be reproduced in paper, to decorate the home but also as an original gift idea
  • Step by step explanations with photos and texts to easily create beautiful paper flowers
  • A book that will fascinate those who love folding paper and those who share the Japanese taste for nature
  • Format 19.5 × 22 cm
  • 144 pages 4-colour paperback with dust jacket
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 949 3

EMIKO YAMAMOTO, a Japanese artist who is a master of paper carving, is president of the Paper Decoration Association, the main Japanese association that brings together enthusiasts of this discipline. She is the author of various volumes on kirigami and holds courses, seminars and workshops on the topic.

He has published his works in numerous magazines and written various successful books on the topic of paper floral decorations.