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123 - Italian, English, Français

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An instructive and fun book that teaches you to memorize the numbers from 1 to 10 in three languages ​​(Italian, French and English), thanks to many lively and cheerful drawings that play intelligently with quantities, shapes (the circle in particular ) and the colors.

The child will first be able to learn the correct spelling of the numbers, practicing on the pages which present the features in the right order - from top to bottom and so on - and invite him to reproduce them following the correct sequence with special schemes; you will then be able to learn to write the numbers in letters in the three languages ​​(for example "tre, trois, three") and listen to the correct pronunciation, thanks to the recorded voice of three native speakers accessible via the QR Codes provided. There are four pages dedicated to each digit, illustrated with colorful drawings that introduce the little ones to the magical world of numbers, teach them to count and practice their skills by making them actively participate in the drawing quizzes in multiple languages ​​scheduled at the end of each section.

Children have never seen or heard the numbers from 1 to 10!!!

Reasons of interest:

  • For each number, four brightly illustrated pages to teach the child to count and write the various digits with the correct stroke order.
  • Ten QR Codes, one for each of the numbers from 1 to 10, to listen to them correctly pronounced in the three languages ​​by as many native speakers.
  • A truly interactive book, also thanks to the instructive drawing quizzes in multiple languages ​​designed for the various issues.
Size: 20 × 20cm
44 pages
4 color printing
Book with pages
Made of cardboard
ISBN: 9782889352227

    Arianna Osti is a graphic designer and illustrator with a great passion for typographical characters and lettering, who loves playing with letters and words, illustrating them with bright colors and creating new shapes. After graduating in Graphic Design in London, she worked for a London publishing house: by layout, illustrating and designing books and covers for children and adults, she managed to consolidate her love for typefaces and everything printed. He then decided to return to Italy and enter the creative context of Milan.