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Fantastic beasts - the adventures of myrmicoleons, aquaporks and bonnacons

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Three extraordinary pop ups - the work of one of the most famous paper industry engineers in the world - depict in 3D as many fantastic animals arising from the author's fervent imagination: according to the story, these mysterious beings came to Earth from unknown universes, materializing in a very remote era through a magical portal in an enchanted forest.

And so here is the very mischievous Myrmicoleon, strong like a lion but tiny like an ant, who loves to play pranks on all the other animals; the funny Aquaporco or “sea pig” with pink skin, obsessed with his appearance and very picky, a lover of water and thermal mud; the docile Bonnacon, similar to a bull but with the mane of a horse and a great friend of fairies and gnomes, who love to decorate his coat and horns with little flowers or mandalas of a thousand colours. As the story says, each of these three singular creatures brought a new light and a different shade to finally illuminate the darkness of the forest, transforming it into a riot of colours.

Compelling stories of fantastic creatures that will remain in children's imagination.

Reasons of interest:

  • Nice and colorful characters, made even more real in children's imaginations by David Hawcock's wonderful pop-ups
  • A magical and timeless fairy tale, to let your imagination fly.
  • Very original designs and fairytale atmospheres, in a rainbow of colours.
Size: 22.8 × 26 CM
11 double pages open with 3 pop-ups
4 color print on cardboard
ISBN 9782889352340

    David Hawcock studied art in York (UK), graduating in graphic design, before setting up a design studio in Bath specializing in children's books. In addition to working for cinema (he did the paper engineering for Paddington 2), he has designed and created many successful pop-up books, including The Amazing Fold-Out Pop-Up Body in a Book and Journal of Inventions: Leonardo Da Win. For NuiNui he created the volumes of the “Nature in pop up” series, Ferrari – A brand, a legend, Leonardo Da Vinci – Inventions, Leonardo Da Vinci – Robot, Harley Davidson – An American legend, Gaudí – Art and genius and Leonardo da Vinci – The incredible machines. He also produced 8 volumes for the "Detach... and create" series and another 4 for the "Creative Activities" series.

    Arianna Saviolo is a nursery school teacher specialized in alternative methods such as Bosquescuela, Waldorf, Montessori and Pikler, as well as a yoga and mindfulness teacher for children. Of Italian roots, he currently lives in Spain, but like a tree continues to grow and expand its branches in Europe, Asia and America, drawing inspiration from ancestral myths and legends of various origins that are still relevant today. She is the author of children's books and collaborates with various magazines and publishing houses in the sector in Italy and Spain. For NuiNui he published the pop-up volume Fantastic Beasts. The adventures of Mirmicoleoni, Aquaporci and Bonnacon.