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Macrame bijoux

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The book illustrates the basic techniques for creating original handmade macramé bracelets and earrings and offers some very current fashion models accompanied by detailed explanations and videos and photographic tutorials. All you need is a board, some colored threads to be woven by hand, a simple sequence of knots and a few beads... By following the instructions provided and the video tutorials which can also be consulted online via QR Code, it will not be difficult to create colorful fashion accessories with your own hands, playing on color combinations and combinations between different materials.

Reasons of interest

  • Advice and suggestions for creating small macramé jewelery in many colors and with different decorative motifs
  • Step-by-step explanations and photographic tutorials that illustrate in detail the basic techniques and the various types of knots
  • A video tutorial for each model downloadable with QR Code or YouTube link
  • Specific tutorials on the methods for closing the weave, creating the buttonholes and preparing the closures w Excellent value for money

17 × 22 cm box containing:
A 96 page book
4 color printing format: 16 × 21 cm paperback
Gadget: 1 cotton macrame tablet, 400 beads and 8 skeins of cotton thread.
ISBN: 9782889350520

Diana Crialesi, architect since 2002, has been a Professional Crafter since 2006 and manages an artistic craftsmanship workshop. He creates jewelery and objects made with various techniques: polymer clay, macramé, soutache and wire wrapping.

Dario Canova is a photographer specialized in still-life services, in particular dedicated to jewelery and art objects, and in industrial advertising images.