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Wrap bracelets


WRAP BRACELETS - Techniques and 16 original models!

Through videos, photographs and detailed captions, this volume provides all the instructions for creating original wrap bracelet models that are easy to make in many different colors and styles: from the most classic, with leather and beads, to the most whimsical, made using trimmings or lace. A tutorial illustrates the basic techniques and explains how to make the main knots: just get to work and unleash your creative flair to create unique models that can be customized. The video tutorials that can be downloaded from the publishing house website (also via an app for reading QR Codes) illustrate in detail the creation of each bracelet and the different decoration and closure techniques.

Reasons of interest:

  • Original and easy to make models

  • Tips for decorating each creation and designing imaginative closures

  • Lots of advice for creating the best combinations between the various materials and colours

  • Inside the box there is a small loom, 200 colored beads, 1 cord, 2 buttons and 1 charm to create your bracelets and indulge your imagination

Format: 167 x 217 mm

A box containing:

- An 80 page book

Format 160 x 210 mm

4 color printing


- 1 frame

- 200 colored beads

- 1 lanyard

- 2 buttons and 1 charm

ISBN: 9782889352388

Born in Rome, PATRIZIA VALSECCHI loves the little things that characterize people and enjoys making jewelery and other objects that arouse her curiosity. Always looking for new materials and methods, he pays great attention to shapes, colors and finishes. For Nuinui he published Friendship Bracelets.