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Origami dinosaurs

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This volume edited by Nick Robinson, the great English master of origami, contains 20 dinosaur models of varying difficulty, simple or moderately complex, created by him and other famous artists. With origami you can create quite faithful representations or even small caricatures of these fantastic beings, and one of the major advantages offered by the easier models is that they can be adapted to develop other species: it is incredible how the final effect changes by modifying even more few angles and distances. Thanks to the set of 100 sheets of high quality origami paper decorated with many different motifs, the dinosaurs will come to life and take on magnificent colours, changing their "skin" depending on the paper used.

Reasons of interest:

  • An unmissable collection, curated by a famous master, which offers 20 models accompanied by video tutorials, diagrams and detailed instructions created by him and other great origamists
  • 100 sheets of high quality origami paper downloadable via link or QR Code and reproducible on your home printer
  • papers decorated with many different motifs inspired by the fantastic world of dinosaurs, specially created to make the most of the origami proposed in the volume
Box set 19 × 26.5 cm containing:
  • a book of 136 pages measuring 18 x 25.5 cm
  • 4-colour Dutch paperback printing
  • 100 sheets of origami paper in 20 different designs size: 17.8 × 17.8 cm
  • ISBN: 9782889351596

NICK ROBINSON has been folding paper since the early 1980s and has been part of the British Origami Society for over 30 years, of which he is an honorary member and for which he maintains the website. In 2004 he was awarded the “Sidney French” medal, the BOS's highest award, for his extraordinary contribution to this discipline. For almost thirty years, Nick has taught origami at a professional level, holding courses and conferences around the world. He has created journalistic and television reports, and advertising campaigns on the Internet. Over 300 of his original models have been published and exhibited in various countries around the world. He has written and illustrated more than 60 books on origami and is the European origami artist with the largest number of publications to his credit. For NuiNui he has published Intriguing Origami, British Origami, three volumes of the Origami Kit series and Origami Butterflies.