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Football - 100 magical football moments

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Spectacular goals, heroic gestures, moving human stories, unforgettable victories (or defeats): the history of football is full of magical moments that have contributed to making it a universal sport.

This book offers 100 episodes that have indelibly marked the events of modern football, from its dawn to the most recent events and the 2018 World Cup: moments that concern the entire international football, selected in chronological order with the ambitious objective to tell the story of football in an original way, from its birth to today. A chapter is dedicated to each "magic moment" in which the text written by expert sports storytellers and the images taken from the best photographic archives are integrated to make the story engaging and light-hearted.

The graphics, essential and elegant, create a pleasant and easy-to-read book, full of interesting illustrations and testimonies. At the end of each chapter, a QR Code and a link allow you to access videos available online, which make the narrative even more exciting.

From the dawn of football to the 2018 World Cup.

Reasons of interest:

  • The most beautiful and evocative football stories presented to the general public with an original point of view.
  • An endless collection of famous and lesser-known episodes, which will intrigue and amaze the reader.
  • An instructive and exciting volume, which reconstructs the history and geography of this sport through 100 episodes.
  • Link and QR Code to access selected videos on YouTube, which make the story even more alive.
  • Size: 21.5 × 30.3 CM
  • 320 pages
  • 4 color printing
  • Hardcover

Alberto Bertolazzi has collaborated with various newspapers and created numerous illustrated volumes and informative texts dedicated to approaching sport. His debut as a novelist was in 2011, with the title Rugby will save the world. For NuiNui, he created Sports explained to children, Football explained to children and Basketball explained to children.

Stefano Fonsato has been collaborating for years as a freelance journalist with the Eurosport Italia web portal and with the newspapers La Stampa (for the Vercelli editorial office) and Il Manifesto. Lover of stories, reports and documentary journalism, he has a particular predilection for football across the Channel.

Alessandro "Alex" Tacchini, journalist, writer and television host, has created several television specials and over 25 volumes on various sports. His name is linked to the "Great Album of Pro Vercelli", the longest running series in the world dedicated to a sports club. He signed the monograph on Silvio Piola published in the Illustrated Football Almanac (Panini).