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Gaudi genius and art

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This colorful pop-up book traces the life and works of one of the most extraordinary geniuses of modern architecture, Antoni Gaudí i Cornet (1852–1926), author of incredible masterpieces with unusual shapes that echo those of nature. In 5 double pages with as many pop up reconstructions, detailed cards illustrate some of his most famous creations, which magically come to life in 3D thanks to David Hawcock's complex and spectacular paper engineering creations: the Batlló and Milà houses, a colorful architectural detail, the dizzying columns inside the Colònia Güell church and the spiers of the Sagrada Família, whose spectacular façade also stands out on the cover with window and three-dimensional pop up, one of the many attractions of the volume.

Reasons of interest:

  • Innovative cover with window and 3D pop up that reproduces the front of the Sagrada Família, Gaudí's most famous - and unfinished - work
  • The extraordinary creations of the great Spanish architect beautifully illustrated in 3D!
  • Five surprising pop ups to discover the mystery of Gaudí and understand what makes him an original and inimitable artist
  • Technical data sheets and detailed texts to deepen your knowledge of some of his most legendary works
  • A fascinating book, suitable for young and old, dedicated to an exciting chapter in the history of modern architecture
  • The ideal product to propose to the bookshops of art, architecture and design museums
  • 26×23cm
  • 12 pages and 6 pop up covers with window and 3D pop up
  • 5 double open pages with 5 pop ups, open format 64 x 23 cm horizontal
  • 1 window opening of 11 cm
  • for each double page 4-colour hardback printing
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 064 3

DAVID HAWCOCK studied art in York, UK, graduating in graphic design, before setting up a studio specializing in children's books. He has designed many successful pop up volumes and for NuiNui he created Leonardo - Inventions, the books of the Nature in pop up series and numerous paper engineering creations for various children's series.