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The color war

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The world of colors is dominated by two great nations: Blue and Red. When the color yellow starts to run low, everything changes: lemons and bananas change their appearance, traffic lights become useless and the stars no longer shine in the sky. Capturing the production of yellow will become the main objective of the two superpowers which will lead to a real conflict. Between charges and assaults, attacks and ambushes, splashes and splashes of color, the world will transform into a useless and shapeless gray mess.

!SPOILER ALERT! In the end it will be discovered that the life of the world of colors is contained within the palette of a painter who, in seeing that confused chaos and realizing the impossibility of its use, will decide to clean everything up and put new colors in order to go back to painting in peace.

Reasons of interest:

  • A book of highly original conception, focused on the theme of the uselessness of conflicts of any kind, even between colours
  • A highly topical work dedicated to children but also to adults, capable of involving readers of all ages
  • The illustrations with a graphic and essential style describe the story in an original way

Size: 24.5 × 33.1 cm
Number of pages: 48
ISBN: 9782889750436
October 28, 2022

GIANCARLO MACRÌ, actor, musician and author of award-winning film soundtracks (Silver Bear and David di Donatello). For NuiNui he has published several children's books, including Puntino and Terra with Carolina Zanotti.

CAROLINA ZANOTTI is a journalist specializing in music and theatre. Passionate about figurative arts, she has written various children's stories for NuiNui, as well as Puntino and Terra with Giancarlo Macrì.

GIUSEPPINA RAIA was born in Italy in 1974. She graduated in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts and in transverse flute from the Conservatory of Music. She specialized in pictorial decoration techniques in France and currently resides in Italy and teaches permanently in a lower secondary state school. He creates sculptures, installations and illustrations for children.