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The metamorphoses of Fru - Fru

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A small larva moves hesitantly among food scraps and lettuce leaves, in the enchantment of a flower garden. Suddenly, on a crumpled sheet of newspaper, she sees a photo and is struck by it: a small being similar to her in every way is the protagonist of an article on the metamorphosis of the butterfly. Will that be his fate? Thus begins a fun journey of self-discovery, which will end in a completely unexpected way, leaving everyone speechless!... A surprise ending to be discovered, not to be taken for granted at all! Reasons of interest

  • The story of a little larva who little by little discovers his true nature... and in the end manages to accept himself for who he is!
  • A story that will keep young readers in suspense until the unpredictable and fun ending
  • The illustrations in cheerful and bright colors accompany children into the magical world of nature, represented as a fantastic enchanted garden
  • Text with large and easily readable characters, for those who are approaching reading for the first time
  • A large format volume with padded hardback cover and an extraordinary quality-price ratio
  • 27×36.6cm
  • 32 pages
  • 4 color printing
  • HARDBACK with padded cover
  • ISBN 9782889350674

LÁ STUDIO (“Lá” means “leaf” in Vietnamese) is a small studio that deals with graphic design and creative illustration, specializing in children's books. It is based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. For NuiNui he also illustrated Shao Li and the Wolf Gregory, Stories of Dragons and Achilles. The dragon with small wings.

NGUYEN TRAN THIEN LOC is a young Vietnamese author who writes books for children: his dream is to share a part of his childhood with others and light a flame of love for literature in the hearts of the little ones with his stories.