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Deluxe Nail Art Kit

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From the success of the two previous volumes, this new kit dedicated to the art of decorating nails was born, which contains a volume of 224 pages and many very useful gadgets: 90 stickers and 48 nail tips, 1 glitter wheel and other useful tools for creating fantastic decorations . The book offers a varied panorama of the world of nail art, providing all the basic instructions, from the main techniques to finishing, up to the latest trendy models and the most innovative solutions to create them. The volume is completed by video and photo tutorials that can be consulted online via link or QR code. An unmissable collection, to learn how to "dress" your nails in an original way and be cool on every occasion.

Reasons of interest:

  • Fun gadgets to decorate and liven up any creation
  • A book for those who want to learn how to create colorful and fun nail art themselves, with many exclusive models suitable for every occasion to copy and from which to draw inspiration to create new ones
  • All the main techniques, tricks and tips for nail care
  • Detailed explanations and photo tutorials illustrating trendy nail art

Box set 20.3 × 25.3 cm containing:

  • A book of 224 pages
  • 4 COLOR PRINTING format: 16 × 21 cm paperback


  • 48 NAIL TIPS
  • 1 glitter wheel
  • 1 doctor
  • 1 striper brush
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 164 0

JLENIA MALINVERNI is known on the web by her stage name “LaLilliMakeup”. She has a YouTube channel and a blog, Beauty without secrets, dedicated to the world of cosmetics. Her passion for drawing led her to experiment with ever new nail art, with the most varied geometries and colors. For NuiNui he created Nail art - Techniques and models for designer nails and new and trendy Nail art.