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New York - A century of aerial photography


An unmistakable metropolitan panorama, perhaps the most recognizable on the planet. New York never sleeps... and is constantly changing: at the time of the first settlements the profile of Manhattan was very different, marked by many small bays and inlets. It's a shame that aerial photography didn't exist at the time, thanks to which today we are able to capture all the dynamism, splendor and variety of this metropolis. The book traces its evolution through a sequence of exciting aerial images, from the first photographs from the sky to the most recent ones made digitally, which are truly impressive. After the first chapter dedicated to maps and bird's eye views prior to the advent of aerial images, the development of the city is relived through three main phases (1900-1949, 1950-1999, 2000-present) composing a complete picture of its unique history. A wonderful new edition with photographs depicting the most recent buildings in New York, including the splendid Hudson yards, the impressive new pyramid-shaped residential building in Manhattan, VIA 57 West.

Reasons of interest:

  • The Big Apple immortalized through the oldest views and the most up-to-date aerial images
  • The history of the metropolis from its foundation to the present day reconstructed through the exciting narration of an exceptional author
  • A spectacular selection of historical black and white images to relive the magical atmospheres of the past
  • A new and unmissable edition

Size: 23.2 × 31.3 cm
Hardback with dust jacket
Number of pages: 256
ISBN: 9782889750139
October 10, 2022

PETER SKINNER is the author of various books on the United States and New York, including World Trade Center. The Giants Who Challenged the Sky (2002), Flying over New York (2005), America – High Altitude Journey (2008) and World Trade Center – A Challenge for the Future (2007).