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Lullaby to the Moon

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A large format book with beautifully illustrated tables to tell the happy ending story of Princess Luna and the stars, who study tricks and stratagems to make her fall asleep and have fun playing with her. The silver foil gives brilliance and detail to the firmament which is the backdrop to the evolutions of many fantastic beings, halfway between myth and reality. A work dedicated to children, but which will also appeal to adults due to the elegance of the design and the strength of the colours. A journey through the magical kingdom of the stars, to let your imagination fly among constellations and zodiac signs.

Reasons of interest:

  • A refined and large-format volume, embellished with silver foil printing that creates highly evocative effects
  • A fun way to venture among the constellations and learn to recognize the various zodiac signs
  • A story that will transport the reader into a mysterious and fascinating world
  • A fairy tale with a magical atmosphere, which will appeal to adults and children alike
  • 25.5 × 29.1 cm 32 pages
  • 4-colour print on silver foil. HARDCOVER with dust jacket
  • ISBN 9782889351886

KHOA LE is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, painter and author. She graduated from Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts University, where she lives and works. In Vietnam she has published 10 books, of which she is also the author, illustrating various volumes for other authors. He has also participated in numerous exhibitions in Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea. For NuiNui he illustrated the volumes of the Talking Books series, the Fantastic Tales series and Mysterious Princesses.