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Origami in an instant

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In designing the 20 models contained in this volume the author followed a highly original approach. In fact, he combined the basic rules of origami with a criterion of speed and a "direct" method which involves fewer folds: a technique which, in his opinion, is often better and more effective than other more complex ones. Some models have been developed using only the upstream (convex) and downstream (concave) folds, according to the system created by the English origamist John Smith and called “Pureland”.

Even if you only use the most basic folding techniques, and even if you are mostly dealing with common subjects and fairly simple models, you will obtain results that are nothing short of magical, as in the panda, the eagle, the ship in a bottle, the chessboard or in the gingerbread man. The very useful introductory section illustrates all the symbols and terminology of origami, to help even beginners understand and master the language.

A few simple folds... and fun is guaranteed!

Reasons of interest:

  • A book that will win over all enthusiasts, with 20 models designed by a recognized master of this art.
  • An unmissable collection, with very particular origami inspired by a principle of simplicity and speed.
  • Detailed diagrams and instructions for each creation.
  • Video tutorials downloadable via QR Code or YouTube link.
  • Glossary with the explanation of the symbols used to illustrate origami folding techniques.
  • High quality images from Araldo De Luca, world-renowned art photographer.
  • Format 18 × 25.5 CM
  • 136 pages
  • 4 color printing
  • Paperback

Marc Kirschenbaum is one of the leading American origamists and has been practicing this art since the 1970s. He covered a wide variety of subjects and styles with approaches ranging from the brilliantly simple to the stupidly complex. His works have been featured in many museums and exhibitions around the world, including the American Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian, the Mingei International Museum, and Hangar-7. His works have also been published in many books, magazines and periodicals. Marc is also an active member of OrigamiUSA, one of the leading international organizations in the sector: he currently serves on the board of directors and manages the production of many of its publications.