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Bicycles - From the first velocipede to e-bikes


A journey to discover the evolution of the bicycle, from the first velocipedes to tandems, passing through the great champions, the historic races, the most curious transformations of this means of transport up to electric bicycles, pedaling towards the bike of the future. In the pages, children and teenagers will find illustrations, anecdotes, technical explanations and curiosities that will make the discovery of the world of cycling fascinating.

Reasons of interest:

  • The history of the bicycle through simple but anecdotal texts
  • A book created by an artist specializing in children's illustrations
  • A splendid volume of the series of illustrated books on the history of vehicles and transport
  • An excellent opportunity to learn while having fun

Size: 23.5 × 27.6 cm
Number of pages: 48
ISBN: 9782889750658
March 31, 2023

FRANCESCO TOMASINELLI, graduated in Marine Environmental Sciences, worked in Italy and the United States in large aquariums, before dedicating himself to publishing, scientific dissemination and ecological consultancy for companies. For Nuinui he published Insects of the world,
Evolution, Man - From the first steps to the evolution of space and Eyes in the eyes.

DILETTA SARTORIO is 24 years old and graduated from the Milan Comics School. In 2021 she was selected among the finalists of the XXI edition of "un Prato di Fiabe", a national illustration competition and from here her professional journey began. She is currently a freelance illustrator and colorist in children's publishing.