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Who we are

NuiNui Frankfurt 2019

Our publishing house was founded in 2014 with the aim of bringing a breath of fresh air into the world of quality illustrated publishing. NuiNui is a Polynesian name that means "big big": as big as the imagination and creativity of our editorial team!

Our catalog offers a wide selection of books for adults, teenagers and children, created with modern graphics and cutting-edge and innovative technologies, including:

  • Newly developed fairy tales and children's books, with splendid illustrations, animations, spectacular pop ups and fun sound effects
  • practical manuals dedicated to various creative activities, with detailed instructions accompanied by photographs and video tutorials accessible via QR Code or YouTube link
  • a vast choice of origami books, with easy-to-make models designed by internationally renowned masters
  • volumes dedicated to the art and culture of Japan, some of which introduce the practice of traditional arts such as ikebana or sumie ink painting

In addition to the markets in which we publish directly (Italy, France and French-speaking countries), our books are distributed by co-publishers around the world, particularly in China and the United States.