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Planet Earth - Atlas for children - New expanded edition


Geographical maps of Italy and a fantastic poster which also portrays the solar system enrich the new edition of this best seller, which offers children a playful approach to geography. The contents, including multimedia, are very precise and lead them to discover the planet. The richly illustrated texts describe the main characteristics of the various continents, while the captivating iconography highlights the main characteristics of each region: nature, city, history, economy, typical uses and products, traditions, myths and legends. A QR Code and link allow the reader to download each map and print it, while others direct the reader to selected videos on YouTube to learn more about the different regions.
A new expanded edition, with posters of Italy and the Solar System!

Reasons of interest:

  • New expanded edition with geographical maps of Italy
  • Link and QR Code to download and print the maps and selected videos on YouTube for further information
  • Teaching effectiveness thanks to the accuracy of the information and the detailed illustrations that capture the child's attention
  • A free poster with geographical maps of Italy and the solar system

28.5 × 36.1cm
156 pages + poster
ISBN: 9782889750955
March 10, 2023

ALBERTO BERTOLAZZI has collaborated with various newspapers and created numerous illustrated volumes and informative texts dedicated to approaching sport. His debut as a novelist was in 2011, with the title Rugby will save the world.

Writer, editor and translator, ENRICO LAVAGNO, is the author of various volumes dedicated to the artistic and archaeological beauties of the planet. He collaborates with various publishing houses dealing with geography and tourism, including EDT and Lonely Planet.

SACCO and VALLARINO, Mauro and Elisa, collaborate with various companies, publishing houses and communication and advertising agencies in Italy and abroad. They create and organize workshops on creativity and drawing for children from 0 to 99 years of age.