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100 card games

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This best-seller by master Kim Young-man offers 100 games to create by folding colorful sheets of origami paper. The models, easy but of great visual impact and with popular subjects, will entertain enthusiasts of all ages: adults will rediscover the pleasure of playing and children will discover how to cultivate their sensitivity and creativity, together with the aptitude for conceiving complex shapes.

In the book, the author outlines the basic principles of the art of paper folding, focusing on the didactic function of this discipline (for example for learning geometry) and on the advantages that it also entails on a psychological level, in terms of mutual exchange of experiences and information. Folding paper is an activity that develops the artistic and color sense of children; the order necessary to carry out certain operations instead helps them to stimulate the scientific spirit, playing an important educational role. A few sheets of colored paper and... you're done!

Reasons of interest:

  • From a famous Korean author, a book for all ages, which especially stimulates the little ones to develop emotional intelligence and a scientific spirit.
  • A collection of 50 extraordinary paper games, a new way to cultivate imagination, talent, creativity and originality.
Size: 21.5 × 24.3 cm
160 pages
4 color printing
ISBN 9782889354153

    Kim Young-Man is a famous Korean master, origami expert and creator of fantastic paper creations. For about thirty years now he has taken part in successful television programmes, in which he teaches the public - and especially children - new and fun paper folding techniques. His recent appearances on the Korean network MBC's My Little Television have further strengthened his popularity.