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ABC - Italian, English, Français

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An innovative proposal to accompany the youngest readers in discovering the letters of the alphabet through as many colorful drawings which, for each of them, portray subjects whose name begins with the same letter in three different languages: Italian, French and English.

In addition to being able to read the spellings of the words in the three languages ​​(for example "aeroplano, avion, airplane"), the child will be able to listen to these same three words read, with the correct pronunciation, by a native speaker for each of the three languages. This is thanks to the presence, for each letter and group of words connected to it, of a QR Code which allows direct access to listening to the recordings. Thus, in addition to memorizing the letters of the alphabet in a fun way and learning the correct pronunciation of words in their own language, children will be able to learn the spelling and pronunciation of words that express the same concept in two of the most spoken languages ​​in the world.

The first exciting encounter with letters, words and images in Italian, French and English!

Reasons of interest:

  • Many colorful full-page drawings to introduce children to the study of the alphabet and develop their interest in foreign languages.
  • For each letter, a QR Code allows you to listen to the original pronunciation of the various words in three different languages.
  • Original subjects, which strike the imagination, carefully chosen to stimulate the curiosity of the little ones.

Size: 20 × 20cm
50 pages
4 color printing
Book with pages
Made of cardboard
ISBN: 9782889352210

    Arianna Osti is a graphic designer and illustrator with a great passion for typographical characters and lettering, who loves playing with letters and words, illustrating them with bright colors and creating new shapes. After graduating in Graphic Design in London, she worked for a London publishing house: by layout, illustrating and designing books and covers for children and adults, she managed to consolidate her love for typefaces and everything printed. He then decided to return to Italy and enter the creative context of Milan.