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Korean Paper Planes

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A collection of 20 fun models to give life to colorful and original paper planes, designed by a famous Korean aeronautical pilot.

For each creation, the reader will find diagrams with detailed instructions, useful information on the theory of flight and the most effective method to learn how to make these unusual flying objects with maximum precision. The book contains many illustrated sheets (integrated into the book and detachable) with the fold lines already drawn for the various subjects, so as to facilitate the creation of the models. The author's advice reveals the secrets of the aerodynamics of paper planes and suggests tricks and precautions for folding the models in the most correct way and obtaining the best results.

Guaranteed fun for adults and children.

Reasons of interest:

  • Very useful "flying tips" with all the tricks to guarantee the best aerodynamics for these amazing flying monsters.
  • Illustrated sheets, integrated into the book and detachable to get to work immediately.
Size: 22.5 × 29.8 cm
112 pages
4 color printing
ISBN 9782889352692

    Hee Woo Lee, a pilot and aeronautical engineer, graduated from the Korea Air Force Academy. He was an F-5 fighter pilot and earned a doctorate in aeronautical engineering from Arizona State University. He helped develop the Korea Air Force's T-50 airplane and was an Air Force general. He is also president of the Korea Paper & Cultural Foundation.