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Akira Yoshizawa - the art of origami (new edition)


This work of great value is dedicated to the master of origami Akira Yoshizawa, a great innovator and trait-d'union between past and present, as well as a supporter of the "renaissance" of this art, from the point of view of both technique and conception same as origami as a pure creative act.

The volume contains 60 models, some of which were designed to introduce children to this discipline, which form a highly representative selection of Yoshizawa's production. The presence of his original drawings and the total respect for his notational system and the original spirit of the text make the book a faithful witness to the master's philosophy.

60 origami by the greatest master and an exclusive video.

Reasons of interest:

  • Akira Yoshizawa's most important creations brought together for the first time in an organic work.
  • Introduction by Robert J. Lang, one of the greatest living origamists, and preface by Kiyo Yoshizawa.
  • An unmissable work for all fans.
  • Drawings by the artist, instructions faithful to his notation system and absolute adherence to the original text.
  • A book for everyone, from the most expert origamist to the novice, ideal for adults but with sections designed for children.
Size: 24.5 × 29cm
240 pages
4 color printing
Dutch paperback
ISBN: 9782889353156

    Akira Yoshizawa, born in 1911, is the father of modern origami. In 1954 he founded the International Origami Center in Tokyo and in 1955 the first exhibition featuring his models was held in Amsterdam. In those years he created a notation system adopted by many Western origamists. In the following decades he bent, taught, wrote and participated in countless events of international importance. His fame spread throughout the world, consecrating him as the most famous exponent of this art, pioneer of many of the techniques used in modern origami, in particular that of wet-folding or "wet fold" technique. He died in 2005, on his 94th birthday.

    Kiyo Yoshizawa married the maestro in 1956 and has been his tireless manager ever since. After her husband's death, she worked to preserve and spread his legacy around the world, guiding and supporting the activity of the International Origami Society and transmitting the artist's original techniques, including the wet-folding technique he created

    Robert J. Lang is one of the greatest exponents of the art of origami, with over 500 models to his credit, including some of the most complex ever created. In his works he combines characteristics derived from the school of mathematical origami developed in the West with elements typical of the Eastern tradition. He has exhibited and held workshops and conferences around the world, paying particular attention to origami's relationships with mathematics, computing, science, technology and industrial design. Since 2011 he has been an honorary member of the British Origami Society.

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