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Amazing pop-ups - Solar system


How many planets orbit the Sun? What are Saturn's rings made of? Did you know that the Sun is more than a million times larger than the Earth? These questions and many others are answered in the book, dedicated to the secrets of the solar system, which contains 10 fabulous pop ups. The planets, the Sun, the Earth, the hot planets, the cold planets, the solar system told through numerous colorful illustrations, enriched by spectacular pop ups. Furthermore, to delve deeper into the different topics, there is much curious and interesting news, which makes this volume a stimulating read and an opportunity for fun.

Reasons of interest:

- 10 fun pop ups on a specific theme

- A pleasant read to deepen your knowledge of different topics and have fun with 3D creations

- Extraordinary value for money

- A BEST SELLER series, over 500,000 copies sold worldwide

Format: 205 × 205 mm
Number of pages: 20

ISBN: 9782889350216

DAVID HAWCOCK studied art in York (UK), graduating in graphic design, before creating a design studio in Bath specializing in children's books. For NuiNui he has created numerous volumes for various series such as pop up books and other successful books including Leonardo da Vinci. The incredible machines and Leonardo da Vinci. The flying machine.