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Friend Luna

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This magical story is intertwined with that of one of the most extraordinary feats accomplished by man: the moon landing.

The protagonists are five children who the Moon drags with her on a fantastic journey to discover the universe and its mysteries. Our explorers will find themselves projected into the deepest space, where they will experience incredible adventures astride the satellite. In the meantime, on Earth we are mobilizing to look for the little cosmonauts and NASA organizes a mission to recover them: and Apollo 11 enters the scene, with the three brave astronauts who manage to trace the position of the Moon and touch its surface on July 20, 1969, recapturing the satellite and bringing the adventurous crew home. In the final part, a rich illustrated section provides a very useful insight into the Space Race and the mission of the real Apollo 11, which explains to children how man was able to take such an important step. A QR Code allows you to access the video of the moon landing.

A fun journey between fantasy and reality

Reasons of interest:

  • Colorful illustrations, made even more spectacular by the circular format of the book, help to give an extra touch of magic to young readers, to make them dream...
  • Five children go to discover the cosmos on an adventurous journey that is intertwined with one of the most extraordinary events ever.
  • In the final section, a rich in-depth analysis of the history of the Space Race and the Apollo 11 mission, to learn while having fun.
  • A QR Code to relive the historic moment of the moon landing in the original video.
  • An inflatable Moon-shaped ball is supplied with the book as a fun additional gadget.
Format: diameter 29 cm
48 pages
4 color printing
Gadget: a moon as an inflatable balloon
ISBN: 9782889353019

    Milisava Petkovic was born in the former Yugoslavia. She is an academic researcher and currently also works as a co-curator for the BITEF Polifonia in Belgrade, a theater festival for children and young people that is part of the BITEF (Belgrade International Theater Festival), a theatrical event of great worldwide appeal. She is the author of children's books and loves to immerse herself in her fantasies, drawing inspiration from things, animals and children to reach that magical and mysterious place where everything begins. Jessica Martinello graduated in Visual and Performing Arts in Venice and then specialized at the Nemo NT Academy of Digital Arts in Florence, where she cultivated her passion for illustration. She also writes children's books and is the author, with Gregoire Mabire, of Même les monstres se brossent les dents! (Even monsters brush their teeth!), published by Mijade.