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Extraterrestrial friends... shall we play?

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Mario is a computer fanatic who spends day and night in front of the screen. Suddenly he hears a commotion coming from the garden and discovers that aliens have landed on our planet (and right in his house!) to find out how children have fun on Earth and learn their fantastic games, which they have heard so much about. They are tired of computers and electronics, they want to learn about traditional toys. Thanks to them, Mario rediscovers activities that he had put aside, such as cycling and playing ball, and realizes how pleasant they are and how beautiful it is to be outdoors. Satisfied at having discovered the secrets of the little Earthlings, the three aliens return home. Some time later, it will be up to Mario again, invited to their strange and colorful planet, to teach all the little extraterrestrials the pleasure of reading. Even her little sister Pia, who snuck aboard the spaceship, will participate in the adventure. They will discover that the aliens have literally gone crazy for their games and that they have even set up a room inside a museum to celebrate them.

Reasons of interest:

  • A beautifully illustrated book, which tells an incredible story of friendship between two kids and three cute alien creatures.
  • A very timely fairy tale that communicates a positive message: the love of reading and the importance of having fun in the company of friends playing with real and not virtual things.
  • A beautiful free gadget, a cheerful inflatable extraterrestrial!
  • Nice and colorful characters, made even more extraordinary by the wonderful illustrations created by a highly original Vietnamese artist.
Size: 22.4 × 31 cm
76 pages
4 color printing
ISBN 9782889354085

    Carolina Zanotti is a journalist specializing in music and theatre. He collaborates with entertainment magazines and has written various children's stories. Both have created several children's books for NuiNui and are authors of the best-seller Puntino.

    Tamypu is an illustrator, art editor, graphic designer and author of fairy tales and comics. After graduating in Interior Design at the University of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City and a Master of Arts in Sequential Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton, he worked for the Nha Nam Publishing House and for various other publishing houses, magazines and companies, creating about fifteen books for children and adults. With NuiNui he published Nada and the magic fruit.

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