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Sea animals in origami, easy for children

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The most famous inhabitants of the marine world, from the shark to the orca, from the penguin to the sea eagle, will come back to life in children's imagination thanks to this volume containing diagrams and instructions for making the 10 easy and fun origami models that represent them. Each model is accompanied by a link and a QR Code to connect to a video tutorial with a detailed explanation of the various steps. Some of these animals, such as the sea turtle and the swordfish, are transformed into nice "finger puppets": some of the 60 origami papers attached show their features and by folding the sheets correctly (also downloadable via the internet via link and reproducible on the printer) the puppets will magically come to life and move in the marine environment reconstructed in the attached poster, which makes the game more realistic and evocative in the eyes of children. One more way to have fun.

10 models created exclusively by a great origami master

Reasons of interest:

  • An educational and stimulating book, which develops the creativity of the little ones with 10 easy-to-make models
  • Simple and clear diagrams, with detailed instructions to learn how to fold the proposed subjects easily
  • Video tutorial with the creation of each model downloadable with QR Code or YouTube link
  • 60 sheets of large format origami paper, some of which illustrated with the features of animals, to fold and colour. Three origami are thus transformed into fun finger puppets to play with on the poster that reproduces the marine environment
  • For each finger puppet model, 1 link with which to download the corresponding sheet via the internet, reproduce it on the printer and color it
  • Exceptional value for money

Box 21 × 27 cm Containing:

A 72 page book
4 color print on handmade paper
Format: 20 × 26 cm
1 4-color poster size: 60 × 52 cm
60 sheets of origami paper
Size: 20 × 20cm
ISBN 9782889350551

    Pasquale D'auria has created over 300 original models, published all over the world. The CDO dedicated five entire issues of its magazine to him and the Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papier (MFPP) one. Guest Star at the conferences in Munich (1995), Stockholm (2000), Paris (2001), Santiago de Compostela (2003) and Madrid (2011), he was one of the very few Italians invited to exhibit in the largest origami exhibition in all time, held at the Louvre in 1998. His website ( is visited by origamists from all over the world. For NuiNui he participated in the collective volume Origami Made in Italy and created the models for the book The Fables of La Fontaine and the protagonists in easy origami for children.