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Ancient Persia - Pop up


Leaf through the pages of this wonderful pop up book and bring to life many spectacular 3D scenes of this ancient civilization. Take a step back in time and discover what daily life was like in Persepolis, the capital of the empire, and in other major cities such as Babylon, participate in the royal tournaments of Chovgan, the sport of kings, a team sport similar to polo , and learn about their greatest inventions. The 8 fantastic pop ups will take you back in time to see all the secrets of the Persians.

Reasons of interest:

  • 8 spectacular 3D reconstructions for a wonderful adventure in the great Persian empire
  • Persepolis, the Gate of all nations, Zoroaster... An exciting journey into the past!
  • Texts specially designed for children will accompany them into this magical world, to discover how the Persians lived.

Format: 255 × 226 mm
8 double pages open
with 8 pop-ups
Open format
255 × 450mm
4 color print on
hardback cardboard
ISBN: 9782889354283

DAVID HAWCOCK studied art in York (UK), graduating in graphic design, before creating a design studio in Bath specializing in children's books. For NuiNui he has created numerous volumes for various series such as pop up books and other successful books including Leonardo da Vinci. The incredible machines and Leonardo da Vinci. The flying machine.