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Artemis - return to the moon

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This 3D book tells the story of Artemis, the incredible NASA mission scheduled for 2024, which will send the first crew of the 21st century to the Moon and which is a prelude to another giant leap: sending astronauts to Mars. The magnificent pop ups contained in the volume reproduce the main elements of the mission in 3D: thanks to the expert paper engineering of David Hawcock and the informative texts that accompany it, children will be able to admire the rocket, the satellite station and the capsule in all their beauty on which the astronauts will travel. Unusual and interesting facts about the space mission make this book a stimulating and entertaining read.

Reasons of interest:

  • An extraordinary 3D book about Artemis, NASA's new lunar mission.
  • 3 incredible pop-ups in which the rocket, satellite station and capsule are beautifully reconstructed by David Hawcock, undisputed master of paper art.
  • An informative and entertaining book that will teach children all about this new, extraordinary feat of humanity.
Size: 24.8 × 28.7 cm
7 double pages open with window opening and 3 pop ups
Open size 60 x 28.7 cm
4 color printing
1 11cm window opening for each double page
ISBN 9782889354481

    David Hawcock studied art in York (UK), graduating in graphic design, before setting up a design studio in Bath specializing in children's books. He has designed and created many successful pop-ups, which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, including The Amazing Fold-Out Pop-Up Body in a Book and Journal of Inventions: Leonardo Da Vinci. For NuiNui, in addition to the volumes of the “Nature in pop up” series, he created Ferrari. A brand, a legend, Leonardo Da Vinci. Inventions, Leonardo Da Vinci. Robots, Harley Davidson. An American legend, Gaudí. Art and genius. He also produced 8 volumes for the "Detach... and create" series and another 4 for the "Creative Activities" series.