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Puzzle atlas of the world


This beautifully illustrated puzzle book with hundreds of colorful drawings introduces children to the language of geography in a playful way: thanks to the accuracy of the contents, little explorers will be able to discover the planet.

The book contains 5 puzzles of 54 pieces each, under each of which there is a map of that same area which allows children to extract the pieces and reassemble them on a separate surface, using the illustration below as a guide.

After completing the puzzle, you can put the pieces back into place and recompose the original page to play endlessly! Thanks to the captions that explain each icon, children will have fun discovering the most important characteristics of the various continents and will learn to recognize the flags of the world.

A way to discover the world while having fun.

Reasons of interest:

  • Over 500 colorful illustrations with a strong visual impact accompanied by simple but comprehensive texts.
  • 5 puzzles of 54 pieces each that can be assembled directly on the page of the book or on a flat surface, using the map illustrated under the puzzle as a guide to play endlessly.
  • A book with captions that explain all the images on the maps of the various continents.
Size: 22 × 30.8 cm
8 double pages
5 puzzles of 54 pieces
1 book of 24 pages
4 color printing
ISBN: 9782889352920

    Enrico Lavagno is the author of various volumes dedicated to the beauties of the world. For NuiNui he created Planet Earth. Atlas for Children (2017).

    Sacco E Vallarino, Mauro and Elisa, have been working as illustrators and calligraphers since 1997. They collaborate with various companies, publishing houses and communication and advertising agencies in Italy and abroad. They create and organize workshops on creativity and drawing for children from 0 to 99 years of age. For NuiNui they illustrated Planet Earth. Atlas for Children (2017).