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Dream car - with LEGO® bricks


The volume presents an extraordinary selection of 12 of the most famous "dream cars" to be reproduced with LEGO® bricks: Dream Cars is a theme that ignites the enthusiasm of many people around the world, including the authors of this book. In fact, it is the dream of every enthusiast to one day have the opportunity to drive one, or even own one. While waiting for that magical moment to arrive, the book teaches how to build these masterpieces by following the detailed explanations with step-by-step instructions provided for each model, accompanied by the technical specifications and the history of the actual car, enriched by many curious anecdotes.

By building the proposed models, readers will also have the opportunity to refine their skills in using the bricks and learn the most varied construction techniques. They will thus learn to create small-scale models that maintain the characteristic lines thanks to which the Dream Cars are immediately recognisable. Thanks to the QR Codes combined with the models, they will finally be able to access additional content and fun extra material.

Build fantastic Dream Cars with LEGO® bricks.

Reasons of interest:

  • Complete step-by-step instructions to build 12 amazing Dream Cars with LEGO® bricks.
  • How to choose the right pieces and which techniques to use to "translate" the perfect and unmistakable lines of the most beautiful dream cars into the magical language of LEGO ® builders.
  • 12 sophisticated projects that maintain incredible fidelity to the original models.
  • A book suitable for children, teenagers and adults, an unmissable proposal with exclusive creations created by two famous masters.
Size: 22 × 28.5 cm
208 pages
4 color printing
Dutch paperback
ISBN: 9782889352029

    Mattia Zamboni is passionate about 3D computer graphics, photography and cars, which he enjoys creating with LEGO ® bricks. He is the author of numerous books, including the LEGO ® Build-It Book and Tiny LEGO ® Wonders series, and has contributed to several other best-selling volumes. He is a member of the Swiss Italian LEGO® Users Group (SILUG), for which he was LEGO ® Ambassador. Robotics researcher at the Professional University School of Italian Switzerland (SUPSI), he deals with artificial vision systems.

    George Panteleon, a naval engineer, created a wide variety of works, with a penchant for scale modeling, from cars to large sculptures, becoming a true artist. His work has been published in many LEGO ® books and magazines and he is known in the community as ZetoVince. He is a co-founder and executive member of the Greek LEGO® Users Group (Gricks).