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Cars - From the first car in 1886 to electric hypercars


Here is a new unmissable illustrated book on the history of transport. In this volume, children, and not only them, will be able to learn about some of the most significant cars in history and will discover how this means of transport has transformed our world. Page after page the technical and historical curiosities will follow, from the first automobile of 1883 to car racing up to hybrid cars and futuristic hypercars. A book with splendid color reconstructions by an artist specializing in children's illustrations.

Reasons of interest:

  • A book with splendid reconstructions to colors Of a specialized artist in illustrations For children
  • The history of cars through simple texts but full of anecdotes
  • A new volume from the new series of books illustrated on the history of the vehicles And of the transport
  • A great occasion Of learn having fun

Format: 235 × 276 mm
Number of pages: 48
ISBN: 9782889750122
September 13, 2022

LORENZO MORO, born in Bologna in 1985, graduated in organic chemistry, left everything to follow his passion for engines and mechanics. Registered as a journalist, he collaborates with various magazines in the automotive sector and since 2016 he has been director and founder of the online magazine

DAVIDE RIBONI lives in the province of Lodi and attended the Milan Comics School. He worked primarily as a comic book artist and colorist for various publishing houses.