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Space adventures - build amazing robots and spaceships with LEGO® bricks

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Gathered in this book are the best LEGO® brick models that took part in the legendary GIOVE race (Intergalactic Race of Extreme Speed)! Each chapter is dedicated to a specific category: racing spaceships, robots and all-terrain wheeled vehicles. Take part in the challenge and discover many new models of varying difficulty! Have fun building them, learning many different techniques: for each model, you will find a detailed description and suggestive renderings, but above all the instructions and the list of pieces needed to make them. You will also discover the history of the models in the LEGOLAND® Space line, as well as many tricks and secrets from true "master builders": by taking advantage of the author's advice, you will be able to invent other original models.

A practical dictionary with the basic terms of LEGO jargon, very useful especially for beginners, presents the main types of bricks, providing their names and functions, as well as ways to identify them and find the missing pieces.

Reasons of interest:

  • Complete step-by-step instructions to make fantastic space models in LEGO® bricks and have fun learning.
  • A book suitable for both children and adults, with advice and suggestions for personalizing creations.
  • A practical dictionary that illustrates the most used bricks, their functions and how to identify the missing pieces.
  • The history of the LEGOLAND® Space line and its most representative models.
  • The magical language of the great LEGO® master builders with its code words revealed to beginners!.
Size: 22 × 28.5 cm
208 pages
4 color printing
ISBN 9782889351701

    Francesco Frangioja, born in 1971, is a well-known LEGO® enthusiast and builder. He rediscovered his passion in 2010 and immediately began to actively collaborate with the various communities of LEGO enthusiasts (AFOL). He has a strong predilection for the playful-educational aspects of "playing with LEGO bricks" which concern children, aspects which are the basis of the project of this book. For Nuinui he created The LEGO® Master Builder.