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Flags of the World - The history of flags and images of all countries


Flags represent the soul of the nations of the world. Each combination of colors and symbols has a story to tell, built on the experiences and feelings of the people of different countries. Knowing flags and their hidden language is therefore a way to understand the history, culture and role of nations. This book, divided by continents, presents all the flags of the world and examines many of them in detail, alongside drawings that depict some of the most relevant places and symbols for the various nations.

Reasons of interest:

  • All the flags of the world, complete with continent maps and relevant data
  • Detailed tables on some nations, dedicated to the most historically important and curious flags, combined with original drawings by Margherita Borin
  • Ample space for international flags, those that bring together countries or describe alliances
  • All the secrets that guide the design of a flag

Format: 285 × 209 mm
Number of pages: 144
ISBN: 9782889353514

FRANCESCO TOMASINELLI, graduated in Marine Environmental Sciences, worked in Italy and the United States in large aquariums, before dedicating himself to publishing, scientific dissemination and ecological consultancy for companies. For Nuinui he published Insects of the world, Evolution, Man - From the first steps to the evolution of space and Eyes in the eyes.

MARGHERITA BORIN, after studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, illustrated several children's books on animals and nature. She lives immersed in the splendid environment of Pantelleria.