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Sailboats - From the ancient Egyptians to flying boats


A navigation Of beyond two millennia, For retrace evolution from the boats to sail give her civilization ancient to Today. The voyage start with the first ships Egyptian, Greek And Roman dedicated to the trade And at wars, passes through the era from the businesses of the first large navigators, comes at technological boats from regatta of the turns of the world, to hulls steering wheels from the Cup America And Yes projects towards The future That Yes finds as soon as beyond there next wave. Sailing Between the pages, children And Boys will find illustrations, anecdotes, explanations techniques And curiosity That they will yield compelling there discovery Of a world Alone in appearance complicated.

Reasons of interest:

  • A book with splendid reconstructions to colors Of a artist specialized in illustrations For children
  • There history from the boats to sail through texts simple, but rich Of anecdotes
  • The second volume from the new series of books illustrated on the history of the vehicles And of the transport
  • A great occasion Of learn having fun

Format: 235 × 276 mm
Number of pages: 48
ISBN: 9782889354719

ANDREA FALCON graduated from the Nautical Technical Institute of Rome in 1988. Combining his passions for sailing, photography and writing, he began working for numerous magazines in the sector. Registered in the register of professional journalists, for twenty-five years he was a correspondent and editor of the monthly magazines Fare Vela and Il Giornale della Vela, for which he covered the Olympics, regattas around the world, world championships and the America's Cup. He writes for the magazine Vela and Engine and publishes photographic reports of navigators in important weekly magazines.

DILETTA SARTORIO is 24 years old and graduated from the Milan Comics School. In 2021 she was selected among the finalists of the XXI edition of "un Prato di Fiabe", a national illustration competition and from here her professional journey began. She is currently a freelance illustrator and colorist in children's publishing.