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Origami dogs

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This collection, created under the direction of Nick Robinson, contains 20 simple and easy-to-fold dog models, designed by him and some of the most famous masters on the world scene: thanks to the extraordinary sensitivity of the creators, our cute four-legged friends are transposed into the shapes of origami with a delicate touch not without a certain irony.

From the intrepid Scottish Terrier to the tender puppy, from the funny little dog engaged in a rather particular activity to the proud Alsatian with an unmistakable profile, with pointed muzzle and ears, up to the reassuring bloodhound and funny objects such as the bone or the kennel, all a varied The canine world will take shape before our eyes by folding the sheets provided: the box set includes a set of 100 high quality origami papers with a vast choice of colors and decorative motifs that enhance the shapes and lines of these origami. Each model is accompanied by clear diagrams with detailed instructions, as well as a QR Code and a link to access the video tutorial with the entire folding process.

Reasons of interest:

  • An unmissable collection for origami lovers... and for those who love animals!
  • A 144-page book with 20 dog models designed by famous origamists and accompanied by detailed instructions.
  • Video tutorials of each model can be downloaded via QR Code or link to the NuiNui website, even via smartphone or tablet.
  • 100 sheets of high-quality origami paper in 20 cheerful designs, all different
  • Origami by the most famous artists: Shoko Ayoagi, Jacky Chan, Edwin Corrie, Román Díaz, Louis Fernandez Perez, Bodo Haag, Marc Kirschenbaum, Gay Merrill Gross, Robert Neale, Toy O'Hare, Nick Robinson, Akira Yoshizawa.

Box 19 × 26.5 cm Containing:

  • A 144 page book
  • Size: 18 × 25.5 cm
  • 4 color printing
  • Dutch paperback
  • ISBN: 9782889352135

Nick Robinson has been folding paper since the early 1980s and has been part of the British Origami Society for over 30 years, of which he is an honorary member and for which he maintains the website. In 2004 he was awarded the “Sidney French” medal, the BOS's highest award, for his extraordinary contribution to this discipline. For almost thirty years, Nick has taught origami at a professional level, holding courses and conferences around the world. He has created journalistic and television reports, and advertising campaigns on the Internet. Over 300 of his original models have been published and exhibited in various countries around the world. He has written and illustrated more than 60 books on origami and is the European origami artist with the largest number of publications to his credit. For NuiNui he has published British Origami, three volumes of the Origami Kit series, Origami Butterflies, Origami Dinosaurs and the very recent Origami Cats and Origami Dogs.