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Build in 3D - Pisces


The world of fish in a colorful box, containing a book with detailed instructions and information on each of the models. The box set contains 8 sheets of EVA material, printed in color with detachable tiles to be assembled by interlocking, without scissors or glue, to create 8 fantastic 3D models and obtain surprising reproductions of different species of fish in a very simple way. In the box set, a 28-page book with lively illustrations and accurate descriptions of the subjects, contains illustrated instructions that facilitate the assembly of the models: the seahorse, the lionfish, the surgeon fish and the great white shark.

Reasons of interest

  • 8 3D models to be assembled by interlocking the EVA material tiles

  • In each box set a book with detailed instructions and curiosities about the subjects represented
  • A fun and stimulating game to explore different topics
  • A creative activity that promotes the child's cognitive development, helping him to exercise motor skills and stimulating his imagination

Size: 17.5 × 25.5 cm
Box set
Box containing:
A 28 page book
Format 17 × 25 cm
4 color printing
8 x EVA mounting sheets
printed 4 + 4 colours
ISBN: 9782889750993
March 31, 2023

DAVID HAWCOCK studied art in York (UK), graduating in graphic design, before creating a design studio in Bath specializing in children's books. For NuiNui he has created numerous volumes for various series such as pop up books and other successful books including Leonardo da Vinci. The incredible machines and Leonardo da Vinci. The flying machine.

MARGHERITA BORIN, after studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, illustrated several children's books on animals and nature. For Nuinui he has created numerous volumes of the Build in 3D and Animals of the World series.