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Build the LEGO® city

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This collection offers many models and suggestions for building the LEGO® city, connecting the various buildings - houses, condominiums and shops - to form streets and neighborhoods. By following the instructions, you can create buildings, cover the exteriors with facades and cornices, furnish the interiors with furniture and finishes like true interior designers and give a finishing touch with benches, plants, lamps or traffic lights... There is something irresistible in use the tiny blocks to create colorful models with surprisingly realistic details: it's like inventing a miniature world! And in fact there is a vast community of LEGO® enthusiasts of all ages who in this volume will find a very useful repertoire of architectural details and models in line with the standards dictated by the manufacturer for modular constructions.

Reasons of interest:

  • Complete step by step instructions to build 4 multi-story buildings
  • Many different ideas to inspire you to create personalized models
  • How to choose the right pieces to "translate" architectural details and styles into the magical language of LEGO® bricks
  • A gallery of the most interesting projects created by the authors
  • 23×23.3cm
  • 204 PAGES
  • 4-colour Dutch paperback printing
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 125 1

BRIAN and JASON LYLES wrote this book to share their passion with others. Brian is a professional videographer and runs Brick City Depot (, an online archive of detailed instructions for building LEGO® architecture. Jason, when not collaborating on the project with his brother, works as a software developer.