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Dinosaurs - Terrifying carnivores


Welcome to the world of large carnivorous dinosaurs! Predators are among the major protagonists of evolution on planet Earth, but only one group of them has come to reign over all the others: the carnivorous dinosaurs. Their massive bodies were larger than those of any other predator and perfectly designed for stalking and attacking prey; their teeth were sharp enough to pierce flesh and bone, their claws were as sharp as the best swords; they had developed strong muscles and with their powerful hind limbs they reached incredible speeds. These dinosaurs feared nothing and were able to reign over the world they lived in as true sovereigns.

The beautiful and realistic color illustrations, made even more spectacular by the four-door opening, reconstruct the 10 largest carnivorous dinosaurs. Accurate texts, the result of the latest scientific research, describe them in great detail, providing lots of new information and fun curiosities.

A fascinating journey face to face with the surprising world of these prehistoric animals, as fascinating as they are fearsome!

An exciting journey: wonderful color plates, the work of an artist specialized in scientific illustration, project the reader into a magical and surprising world!

Reasons of interest:

  • An extraordinary book that will amaze both children and adults!
  • Detailed information for each dinosaur: peculiarities, dimensions, era, place of discovery of the fossils and many curious information and news.
  • The wonderful color plates realistically reproduce dinosaurs and their habitats, for an extraordinary adventure in the world of large prehistoric carnivores, to discover their mysteries and countless secrets.
  • An original gift idea for enthusiasts of all ages.
  • Size: 26 × 34.5 cm
  • 56 pages
  • With 15 window openings
  • Open format 96 × 34 cm
  • 4 color printing - hardcover
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 342 2