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Fun paper hats

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Sam Ita, an internationally renowned artist, has put his refined knowledge of paper engineering to good use to create this fun volume created in collaboration with the New York fashion designer Adrienne Sack, in which he explains how to make fantastic paper hats. The book contains 12 models with varying degrees of difficulty, which constitute original variations on the hat theme: from the baseball cap to the elegant top hat to the samurai helmet. The volume includes 60 sheets of large-format colored paper illustrated by the authors, 5 for each subject. Each model is accompanied by a link and a QR code to connect to a video tutorial in which step-by-step instructions for each hat are provided.

Reasons of interest:

  • A 72-page book with patterns and instructions for making original and exclusive paper hats
  • 12 witty models for your parties and carnival, to wear with children and friends on the funniest occasions!
  • 12 video tutorials with step-by-step explanations for each model, accessible via link and QR Code
  • 60 large format sheets illustrated by the authors with model drawings, also downloadable with links and QR Code
  • Detailed notations and drawings, high-quality videos and photographs to teach even the beginner to fold paper precisely
  • Guaranteed fun also for origami enthusiasts and for those who love paper art and want to have the satisfaction of making these unusual creations themselves
  • Excellent value for money


  • a 72-page book measuring 21 × 29.7 cm PAPERBACK
  • 60 sheets of large FORMAT and ILLUSTRATED paper
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 027 8

Sam Ita lives in Queens, New York. After studying graphic design at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, he dedicated himself to paper engineering and the creation of pop-up volumes. Drawing from comics, origami and various sources of inspiration, he has applied his talents to publishing, advertising, animation and toy design. He is known for his pop-up adaptations of famous novels such as Moby Dick, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Frankenstein and The Odyssey. For NuiNui he created Paper Planes. 12 original and innovative templates and pop ups for various children's books.

Adrienne Sack grew up in Houston, Texas. He discovered origami at six years old, after finding a book on the subject in his mother's library. Her love for this discipline, which has lasted ever since, and for geometry and fashion led her to become a designer of shoes and accessories. When she's not busy folding paper, she enjoys applying the principles of origami to creating jewelry and other objects from different materials, such as wood, leather and acrylic. He lives in Brooklyn with his Texas cat.