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Flying Dragons - Fantastic paper planes


Sam Ita and Paul Frasco, masters of the art of paper folding, have created 10 fun dragon-shaped airplane models, authentic flying monsters. By following the step-by-step instructions for each model provided in the diagrams and videos, 10 unusual flying objects will take shape to be made with the 50 sheets of paper illustrated with the various subjects and contained in the box set, which can also be downloaded from the NuiNui website and reproduced on the printer . The "flying tips" reveal the secrets of the aerodynamics of paper planes and suggest tricks and tricks for folding flying dragons in the most correct way.

Reasons of interest:

  • 50 illustrated sheets and a link for each model
  • 10 colorful airplane models created exclusively for this book by Sam Ita, an internationally renowned American artist specializing in paper engineering
  • Detailed step by step instructions
  • Valuable advice and information on the main techniques for making paper airplanes
  • Video tutorial with detailed instructions, downloadable with QR code and YouTube link
  • Links to the original drawings to download

Size: 20.7 × 25.8 cm
Box set
Box containing:
A 56 page book
Format 14.7 × 21 cm
4 color printing
50 sheets of paper
illustrated for origami
4 + 4 color printing
ISBN: 9782889750078
October 24, 2022

SAM ITA is the author of pop-up volumes dedicated to origami, paper planes and other paper engineering creations. He has applied his talents to publishing, advertising, animation and toy design. His works have appeared in numerous specialized publications.

PAUL FRASCO is an American origamist specializing in figurative and animal models, some of which are large. In 2012 he created a baby dragon about 1.5 meters tall with a single square of paper measuring 5.5 meters on each side.

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