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Fantastic paper planes

Fantastic paper planes

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An exciting selection of planes created to fly and easy to build, a surprising journey through the clouds to discover amazing aircraft with which to "conquer the sky". The book contains fun models to assemble by detaching the already prepared cardboard shapes along the lines. Thanks to the detailed instructions that explain how to assemble the various parts, fantastic 3D "flying objects" with the most varied shapes, characteristics and colors will take shape. Solar and Lightening are just some of the models with fascinating names present in the volume: little flight enthusiasts will find something to indulge in and test their skills. The illustrations created specifically for the book create the most suitable atmosphere to place the models in the right context. And to delve deeper into the topic, many curious facts are provided on the different models, which make this book a stimulating read as well as a fun opportunity to play.

Reasons of interest:

  • Everything you need to assemble fun 3D models that express the personality of each aircraft
  • The cardboard shapes can be detached and reassembled easily. And the book remains intact.
  • A creative pastime to deepen your knowledge of the various types of aircraft and have fun shaping fantastic paper creations with your own hands
  • 28×30cm
  • 32 pages
  • 4-colour printing on cardboard with window opening
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 131 2

DAVID HAWCOCK studied art in York (UK), graduating in graphic design, before creating a design studio in Bath specializing in children's books. He has designed and created many successful pop-ups, which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, including The Amazing Fold-Out Pop-Up Body in a Book and Journal of Inventions: Leonardo Da Vinci. For NuiNui, in addition to the volumes of the Natura in pop series, he also created Ferrari. A brand, a legend and Leonardo Da Vinci – Inventions. For the successful series Stacca... e crea he has recently produced 4 other high-impact volumes: Cuccioli, Mostri, Bulldozer and Draghi.