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Fabulous origami boxes

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A book that collects 30 splendid models of origami boxes to be infinitely modulated, created by a Japanese artist among the most famous exponents of this art. Boxes so small they fit in the palm of your hand, tiny masterpieces designed for the simple pleasure of folding paper and joining the various modules together: it is in this mysterious creative process, in which unexpected shapes and unexpected figures follow one another until the creation of the final model, where the attraction for origami lies. The models included in this book can be made with origami paper or plain white paper. Depending on the materials used, objects of identical shape can result in an infinite number of different effects, always reserving new surprises.

Reasons of interest:

  • An invitation to create fantastic and colorful paper boxes addressed to all origami enthusiasts from the Japanese queen of origami
  • For beginners, the very useful "origami alphabet" with the explanation of the symbols used to indicate the main types of folds
  • Diagrams with detailed instructions for creating 30 different box designs
  • The art of creating small paper masterpieces without using glue or scissors, folding a simple sheet of colored paper
  • A collection designed for those who love the art of origami and for those who want to create original packaging for their gifts or containers in which to store their most precious memories
  • Suggestions, advice and indications for choosing the type of paper best suited to the different models, depending on use and destination
  • Size: 21.0 × 25.7 cm
  • 98 pages
  • Printed in 4 colours
  • Paperback

Tomoko Fuse discovered the art of paper folding in her childhood, during a period spent in hospital. He has participated in countless events at home and abroad. Among the most important exhibitions, Origami Parigi (Paris 1998), Sulla carta (England 2001), the personal Yorokobi (Bauhaus Dessau 2004), the exhibitions created with her husband Toro Toriumi (wood engraver) on the occasion of the centenary of the Friedrich Froebel museum (Germany 2010) and at the Atelier Markus Faisst (Austria 2010), and the collective exhibition dedicated to modern origami (Galerie13, Germany 2011). she is the author of numerous works translated in different countries; among those available in Western languages, Origami des quatres saisons, Unit Origami Fantasy and Unit origami essence are worth mentioning.