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Pop up fairy tales - Puss in Boots


Puss in Boots and his characters come to life as if by magic, thanks to captivating illustrations and beautiful pop-ups. Characters and fantastic settings appear suddenly, satisfying children's imagination and thirst for adventure. A classic story revisited and told in simple language suitable for children and in a practical and easy-to-handle format that allows the book to be
browsed easily and be taken to bed like classic bedtime stories. The colorful 3D environments make the story even more exciting.

Reasons of interest

  • 8 wonderful pop ups will come to life, giving a new look to great classic fairy tales
  • An innovative and original way to tell timeless fairy tales that have made generations of children dream
  • A practical and handy format, which allows the book to be easily leafed through by the little ones and taken to bed like classic bedtime stories
  • Classic fairy tales rewritten with simple language suitable for children, fantastic illustrations and spectacular 3D scenes make the story more exciting

Format: 186 × 186 mm
Number of pages: 24
ISBN: 9782889750498
April 28, 2023

CAROLINA ZANOTTI, journalist and lover of music, theater and figurative arts, with NuiNui has published, among others, Extraterrestrial Friends... shall we play?, I am Frida Kahlo and Babu, Babu where are you? - Hide and seek in space, as well as Puntino, Terra and Il Muro together with her husband Giancarlo Macrì, musician and actor.

IGNAZIO FULGHESU, Graphic designer and illustrator, lives and works in Cagliari. When he is not in the studio, he loves running along the Poetto beach. He once played football, but stopped when he realized he would never become like Johan Cruyff. For Nuinui he illustrated the volume The ancient world – The book of whys.