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Japan - Maybe not everyone knows that... Unpublished stories, mysteries and unknown places


An unprecedented portrait of the Land of the Rising Sun, the multifaceted soul of Japan.
In the wonderful setting of the cherry trees in bloom, you can see a rich and varied mosaic of stories, anecdotes, mysteries and singular traditions.
Anecdotes, curiosities, mysterious places and unpublished stories, to discover the hidden side of the Rising Sun, which perhaps not everyone knows.

Reasons of interest:

  • A surprising book, which reveals all the true essence of Japan
  • In each chapter, an unpublished story of the Rising Sun, to discover all its curiosities
  • Wonderful illustrations created by a Japanese artist, which will allow the reader to completely immerse themselves in the charm of Japan

Format: 15 x 23 cm
Number of pages: 278
ISBN: 9782889751105
July 14, 2023

ANTONIO MOSCATELLO is a journalist for the Askanews news agency, for which he covers Asia. Graduated from the Orientale University of Naples, he studied and lived in Japan, working first as a translator and then as a correspondent; he has been a professional journalist since 2001.

AYANO OTANI is a Japanese illustrator. He has exhibited his pencil and watercolor works throughout Asia, also collaborating with fashion designers from France and other European countries.
For NuiNui, he created "Clement the transparent chameleon", "Yokai - Japanese ghosts and spirits" and "Japan - 51 things to do at least once in your life".

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