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Play and create - Ocean

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Halfway between book and creative activity, the pages open and transform into 4 fun and colorful backdrops to be assembled and set up as if they were sets in which to set many fantastic stories with the 26 detachable shapes and have fun with the underwater world.
A way to learn by playing: thanks to the lively illustrations and simple but educational texts. Discover many curious facts about the coral reef, the ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the abyss. Have fun with a whale or a puffer fish and discover everything you need to know about the oceans and the beings that live in the sea.

Reasons of interest:

  • Illustrations printed on cardboard material that can be assembled to form 4 scenarios and create a "little theater" in which to bring your stories to life
  • Did you know that?... Simple texts and lots of curious news on the 4 environments to build: the Coral Reef, the Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Abysses
  • 26 detachable figurines to play with inside the colorful 3D reconstructions

Closed book: 220 × 310 mm
Open book: 440 × 530 mm
4 scenarios with 24 cardboard pages

ISBN: 9782889354207

ALESSANDRA BEDIN is originally from Padua, where she studied as an advertising graphic designer. She has worked as an illustrator for various advertising agencies, specializing in 3D design and paper engineering. For Nuinui he published the books in the Play and Create series: Earth, a Wonderful Planet, Cars and Trucks and Dinosaurs.