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Sports explained to children - Small illustrated guide

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Sport is an important part of our life: it is entertainment, health, entertainment, education. In particular, it helps young people to grow well, as they find both teaching and play in physical activity. The book offers an overview of the 14 most practiced and widespread sports, with an approach
simple and aimed at young readers. The aim is to make the main disciplines known to the vast public of children and young people who are new to sporting or competitive activities to facilitate their choice. The essence of each sport is effectively explained: purpose, rules, basic technique, equipment, main roles and individual disciplines. Many fun drawings help to understand, halfway between play and teaching, the illustrated concepts.

Reasons of interest:
- An instructive and simple volume, both in structure and language, which offers a comprehensive overview of individual sports thanks to clear texts and lively drawings
- Lots of concrete suggestions to start practicing a sport
targeted exercises to help the beginner
- An exceptional price for a truly unmissable book

ISBN: 9782889350704
Format: 235 × 290 mm
Number of pages: 88