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Hagakure - How to live and die like a samurai


The book of books. The most read, the most cited of all Japanese literature.
The sacred text of bushidō in the most complete translation. The book of books, the most cited in Japanese literature: maxims, precepts, exemplary stories to teach samurai how to make their existence a perfect gem, how to live and die.
The strategies valid for warriors are useful for managers and are as valid on the battlefield as in the political arena: after three centuries this work retains all its stainless relevance.

Reasons of interest:

The most complete translation of Yamamoto's famous work Tsunetomo, which illustrates the ethics of the samurai in its refined complexity

All the ancient wisdom of the bushi through short stories, advice, memories and aphorisms

One of the greatest masterpieces of Japanese literature in a new, richly commented edition

The most perfect synthesis of the spirit of bushido, the way of the Japanese warrior

Honor, respect for the rules, firmness, loyalty and obedience to the lord: the samurai code of conduct

One of the most significant testimonies about ancient Japan and a useful tool for reflection on ourselves and our lives

Format: 140 × 205 mm


Number of pages: 304

ISBN: 9782889359226

ORNELLA CIVARDI graduated in Oriental Languages ​​and Literatures at the “Ca' Foscari” University of Venice and in 1989 won a scholarship from the Keio University of Tokyo. He has translated and edited texts by Japanese authors such as Yukio Mishima, Yasunari Kawabata and Ikkyu Sojun. For Racconti in un palmo di mano by Kawabata he won the Alcantara Prize for translation in 2005. With NuiNui he published, among others, Miyamoto Musashi – Complete works translated from the original – The book of five rings and other writings.

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