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Haiku - Japanese poems of the four seasons



An essential and elegant work like a "haiku" (俳句), the shortest, best known and most practiced poetic genre in the world. In just 17 syllables, divided into three verses, it transmits a sensorial image as ephemeral as a breath and as powerful as lightning! This volume with Japanese binding contains 140 haiku in Japanese characters, accompanied by their translation and divided according to the four seasons and their kigo (季語), the "season words" that indicate the period to which a specific poem refers. The book, contained in a fun box set, is enriched by the evocative illustrations of an established Japanese artist, by the curator's precious explanatory notes and by 160 colorful stickers showing the text of the haiku.

Reasons of interest:

  • A fascinating journey into the fantastic world of haiku, an ancient literary form that focuses on the observation of nature and inner silence
  • Additional explanations to clarify hidden symbols and meanings, simple but effective illustrations created by a young Japanese artist and useful tips for composing your own haiku
  • Bring your favorite poems with you: choose from the 160 stickers contained in the 20 sheets inside the box and stick them wherever you want!
  • A book that invites you to focus on the present moment and contemplate what usually goes unnoticed

Size: 14 × 22.5 cm
Box containing:
a 154 page book
Format 13.1 × 21.6 cm
4 color printing
Japanese binding
20 sheets of stickers
(13.1 × 21.6 cm)
ISBN: 9782889751587
September 22, 2023

ORNELLA CIVARDI has translated and edited literary texts by famous Japanese writers and poets. He has written articles and edited works on Japanese culture, literature and art. For NuiNui he has written, translated and edited many texts on the subject, including Japan of Women, The Book of Five Rings and Hagakure. In 2005 he won the Alcantara Prize for translation with Tales in the Palm of the Hand by Yasunari Kawabata.

KAORI YAMAGUCHI is a Japanese illustrator based in Germany. She likes combining colors, drawing with wit and irony, and tasting different foods. She loves illustrating children's books and board games, but also creating decorative patterns for fabrics and designs for advertising campaigns. For NuiNui he created some of the illustrations for Japan of Women and New York in 100 Words.

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