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The dragon and the mouse, heroes of flight

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The book offers three stories, written and illustrated by a very original artist, which tell the story of the mouse Gideon and the dragon Paco, lovers of flying and great friends.

Wrapped in the sweet atmospheres of delicately watercolored pages, young readers will be able to participate in the surprising adventures of these two hilarious characters: Gideon is a tiny but daredevil mouse, who dreams of accomplishing extraordinary feats and would like to become a flying champion; the placid Paco is a dragon the size of a hill, with a soul as pure as that of a child. Gideon's greatest desire is to win the "Cup of the Valleys" by riding a magnificent dragon... Meeting Paco will change his life, turning his dream into reality. After winning the famous cup, the two friends go to the city to register for the most prestigious competition of all time, the Around the World in 80 Flights: after a thousand ordeals, they will finally manage to register for the race. They will emerge victorious, not without having overcome countless obstacles: they will have to compete with some of the most famous drivers in the world and will discover that even the most titled champions, or at least some of them, are not always entirely worthy of their fame, because they lack loyalty. , fairness and sportsmanship!

Three stories that tell of an unusual friendship between a tiny mouse and a very sweet dragon!

Reasons of interest:

  • Three captivating stories with two cute protagonists: a bold little mouse and a peaceful dragon... who loves wild strawberries!
  • Watercolor illustrations with a remarkable pictorial quality, to make the atmosphere of the book even more magical.
  • Size: 24.5 × 32.5 cm
  • 96 pages
  • 4 color printing
  • Hardcover

Marco Furlotti, illustrator and author of children's books, lives in the Apennines near Parma and collaborates with various Italian and foreign publishing houses. For NuiNui he achieved. A Night of Music, The Dragon and the Mouse and The Dragon and the Mouse. Adventures in the City, the two previous volumes dedicated to the adventures of these two successful characters, as well as The Carp and the Bear, Floss and the Pirate Treasure, Stupitopo and Moby Rick the White Whale.

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