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Japan of women - from the 2nd century to today

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The legends of the matriarchal society of ancient Japan were populated by queens and empresses, goddesses and priestesses. But starting from around the 5th century, with the introduction of Buddhism and Confucian thought, women were confined to a subordinate role.

However, in the following centuries, some aristocrats achieved excellence in the literary field and there was no shortage of samurai warriors who stood out for their courage in battle.

In the nineteenth century some women rebelled against the imposed rules, earning a space in fields closed to them, such as the theatre. Today, those who best interpret the spirit of the time, often going against all traditional models, are the many multifaceted protagonists of art and literature, fashion, music and the world of comics. Not to mention the two last empresses, both of bourgeois origins, who marked the beginning of a new era.

Reasons of interest

  • 60 extraordinary figures, a surprising anthology of unique personalities, who have left their mark on the history of Japan
  • From ancient heroines to today's women active in various fields: literature and comics, fashion and music, art and social media...
  • In each character, a model in which to recognize oneself or a breaking element
  • A full-field portrait of the woman
  • Texts written by a scholar of Japanese history and literature, which capture the reader's interest and make even the most distant stories understandable

Format 23 × 31 cm
Hardcover Dutch paperback
ISBN 978 2 88935 976 9

Ornella Civardi has translated and edited literary texts by famous Japanese writers and poets. He has written articles and edited works on Japanese culture and art. For Tales in the Palm of the Hand by Yasunari Kawabata he won the Alcantara Prize for translation in 2005.

KAORI YAMAGUCHI is a Japanese illustrator based in Germany. She likes
combining colours, drawing with wit and irony, tasting different foods. He loves to illustrate
children's books and board games, but also create decorative patterns for fabrics and
drawings for advertising campaigns. For NuiNui he created some of the illustrations
for Women's Japan and New York in 100 words.

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