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Around the world with LEGO® bricks


In this extraordinary volume, young readers will "travel" around the world building its most fascinating wonders with LEGO® bricks. Churches, monuments, fortifications, modern skyscrapers, but also surprising natural beauties will thus take shape. From the Colosseum to the Eiffel Tower, from Mount Everest to Petra and the skyscrapers of New York, a unique volume for the variety of models offered, which make it an absolutely unmissable book for LEGO® enthusiasts. The multimedia contents available for each subject allow you to download the project file in LDD (.LFX - LEGO® Digital Designer), the "Wanted list" with the necessary LEGO® bricks and many images with the final result seen from different angles.

Reasons of interest:

  • Precise and detailed instructions for building the most extraordinary works in the world with LEGO® bricks
  • Indications on how to choose the pieces to "translate" these formidable creations into the magical language of LEGO® bricks
  • A QR Code to access the multimedia content with video instructions and a list in MS Excel format of the bricks needed for each of the models
  • Format 22 × 28.5 cm
  • 208 pages printed in 4 colors paperback
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 483 2

ENRICO LAVAGNO is the author of various volumes dedicated to the naturalistic and artistic beauties of the world. For NuiNui he created Planet Earth. Atlas for children, Planet Sea, Stories of monstrous monsters.